Website Management

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Website Hosting

Website hosting is often treated as a bit of an afterthought – after all it is just where your website lives so that other people can visit it. But it’s important to get it right as hosting can affect everything from site loading speed to the number of visitors it can handle at any one time.

We offer various hosting packages to suit different business needs on our fast, reliable and secure UK-based server. WordPress website and email hosting is available as part of all new website design projects and as a stand-alone product.

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Content Management

Website content management can involve anything from making minor text and image changes to uploading new products, videos, pages or blog posts.

While all our new websites come complete with a website user guide, some clients feel their time is better spent elsewhere and prefer to leave this side of it to us. In this case, we’ll agree on a suitable monthly fee and take the reins – just email any updates to us and consider them done!

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Website Maintenance

A crucial but often overlooked aspect of owning and running a successful website is maintenance. Anyone who’s ever logged into the dashboard of a WordPress site will be able to attest to the number and frequency of security updates that get rolled out – and with good reason too. As the world’s most popular content management system (CMS), WordPress websites often attract unwanted attention from spam bots and hackers, so keeping things up-to-date is key.

All of our new websites come with security software installed as standard but it you’d like us to take a more hands-on approach, we can track your site 24 hours a day and keep on top of updates as part of a maintenance package tailored specifically for your business or organisation.

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