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Website Performance Optimisation

Performance optimisation is the process of making sure that a website’s content is being delivered in the most efficient way. When an internet browser loads a website, it calls all sorts of files from the server that hosts the site – if there are unnecessary files (as is the case with most ‘site-builder’ type websites) or they are bigger than they need to be, the site will load more slowly than it could.

A slow loading website has the double disadvantage of making it harder for visitors to find you (Google takes site speed into account in its search algorithm) and irritating the ones that do – so it should always be a priority. If you’re concerned that your website is slower than it should be, get in touch and tell us about it using the button below.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) at its most basic level is making sure that search engines understand what your website is about, so they can show it in their results. On a page level, this means structuring the content correctly and including all the relevant tags. For best results, this should be informed by keyword research (carried out in advance) to determine which words and phrases to target. On-page SEO alone doesn’t guarantee great rankings, but without it, it is nearly impossible!

If you don’t think your website is optimised for search engines or would like to find out more about our on-page SEO and ranking tracking service, get in touch using the button below!

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Conversion Optimisation

Once a website has been optimised for performance and search engines and is bringing in some traffic, it is often worth considering conversion optimisation. This is the process of optimising on-page content so that it best achieves the website goals, thereby making the most of the existing traffic.

Also known as ’scientific web design’, conversion optimisation involves running tests which pit existing page content against different versions – and then measuring which gives the best end results (conversions). If you’d like to find out whether conversion optimisation would be worthwhile for your business, you can get in touch using the button below.

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